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by Elisabeth Hönigsberger and Georg Waach

with the help of D. Marton, R. Öllerer, V. Schreder

            Last Update:  November 13th, 2005 - New additional exercises in unit 2 by R. Vogler & new website!

unit   1: Introduction

unit   2: At the Airport

unit   3: Vienna I

unit   4: Vienna II

unit   5: The Farm

unit   6: The Farmhouse

unit   7: Shopping

unit   8: My Home Town

unit   9: Out in the Fields I

unit 10: Out in the Fields II

unit 11: Dairy Farming

unit 12: A Sunday

unit 13: In the Forest

unit 14: In Hospital

unit 15: The Wachau

unit 16: Agricultural Schools

unit 17: At a Flower Shop

unit 18: Granny's Birthday

unit 19: At the Piggery

unit 20: Planning a Weekend Trip

unit 21: A Day Trip to Styria

unit 22: At the Cooperative

unit 23: Salzburg

unit 24: A Letter Home


New: Additional Exercises in unit 2

           by R. Vogler

           English Grammar Online:




Fun: "Englisch ist schwer"

          "The Wayside Chapel"























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Games: "Medical Care" a card game to cut out (Quartett) by Monika Schreiber

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